Thursday, June 10, 2010

Talk Deeply, Be Happy

"Can we make people happier by asking them, for the next five days, to have one extra substantive conversation every day?”

This article explains how people who spend time having meaningful conversations lead happier lives than those who stick to the small talk.

Reading it, the judgmental, impatient side of me kept rolling her eyes and thinking, "Well, duh!" But it's nice to put words (and numbers) to a phenomenon we've all felt but rarely articulated: how fucking fantastic it is to talk with someone who really gets you. To stumble together through life's hardest questions, slowly breaking through to brighter and brighter epiphanies. The way talking lets you dive down to your deepest self, the self that actually does know what she's doing and why she's here. It makes me giddy as glasses of champagne. And now it turns out that kind of stay-up-too-late, voracious, amoebic breeze-shooting is actually, scientifically good for me?



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