Sunday, December 2, 2007

Smells like Butterball to Me

Fan-fucking-tastic run-in with a bum today.  Ben and I were walking to the 15th Street trolley when we were stopped by a jaunty-looking bum who points at Ben, smiles and says "What up, Jay-Z?  How's it going, Jay?"

Now, I like Ben. But there's no way in hell anyone could confuse him for Hova.  And this guy's just warming up.

"How you living, Z?" he asked as we tried to move past him.  "You livin' every day like it's Thanksgivin'?"  We smiled and he beamed back, nodding like we'd just confirmed a long-held belief.  "Yeah, you livin.  I smell you, man, I smell you."  Dude was whistling as he walked away.