Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck

Reviving my blog to effervesce about this song / video / Mensa in general. Dude's going Groundhog Day on a song that will probably define my entire summer.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

too poor for pop culture

Miss Sheryl, Dontay, Bucket-Head and I compiled our loose change for a fifth of vodka. I’m the only driver, so I went to get it. On the way back I laughed at the local radio stations going on and on and on, still buzzing about Obama taking a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Who cares? 
No really, who? Especially since the funeral was weeks ago.

So begins D. Watkin's article 'Too Poor for Pop Culture'. The rest of it gets even better.

Reading this piece reminded me of two other essays that attempt to uncover the dangerous ways we think and talk about race and work. The first dismantles the destructive work mythology of 'Do What You Love', highlighting the implicit class divisions inherent in this credo and shedding light on the labor mill that is adjunct professorship. The second, a report titled 'Moving the Race Conversation Forward', takes traditional media to task for focusing on exceptional individual stories instead of working to expose systemic racism. Watkin's article seems like a good place to start if we want to reverse both of these pernicious public dialogues.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

By the beard of Herman Melville

A partial list of all the euphemisms Herman Melville ever used for beards:
  • the crop
  • suburbs of the chin
  • homeward-bounders
  • fly-brushes
  • long, trailing moss hanging from the bough of some aged oak
  • love-curls
  • Winnebago locks
  • carroty bunches
  • rebellious bristles
  • redundant mops
  • yellow bamboos
  • long whiskers
  • thrice-noble beards
  • plantations of hair
  • whiskerandoes
  • nodding harvests
  • viny locks
  • the fleece
  • fine tassels
  • goatees
  • imperials
  • sacred things
  • admiral’s pennant
  • manhood
  • muzzle-lashings
Source: unknown. I've had this as a saved email draft since February 2011. Who I meant to send it to still remains unclear.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Atlanta to Atlantis: An OutKast Retrospective

Perhaps my favorite part of this article was learning that Big Boi harbors "a secret Kate Bush obsession".

well that's ominous

Composite photo of a Magnapinna squid taken by underwater cameras at a Shell oil drilling site. Note the squid's elbows. Which is a sentence I never thought I'd write.

Video here.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Is Just To Say I’m a Zombie

I have eaten      your scrumptious face, through
the plums      of cheeks, juicy recollections
that were in      your hippocampus. Remember Kool-Aid in
the icebox      and how they rubied your lips? Of course you don’t
and which      of us always will is, well, obvious. I’m guessing
you were probably      thinking you were
saving      time by crossing the graveyard to meet your mother
for breakfast      at Marty’s Diner. She’s still waiting.
Forgive me      if I devour her brain too. Those I’ve had already:
they were delicious      and ripe with memories. I was
so sweet      when I was human, way on the shy side,
and so cold       to adventure. Look at me now: ravenous for experience.
—David Hernandez, (via)