Tuesday, April 26, 2011

don't let this happen to you

while looking up a word online, i spilled hot tea all over my computer.

i've been advised by my school's IT department to let the laptop air-dry. This after an hour spent individually prizing up and wiping down each key. tilting my computer in various directions and mopping up the liquid that seeped out. intimately confronting the filth living beneath the 'fghj' section of my keyboard.

it was a word i'd looked up before. 'racks'. it means, in a rap context, 'stacks of $100 bills'.

hop-in-ion poll

am i too old to learn how to double-dutch? please say no cuz this looks so freakin fun

Monday, April 25, 2011

Flow (Go)


carrying the carton
I fantasize

about dropping it

and beating the odds
by breaking

every single egg—

to feel the relief
of none to save.

Occasionally I hope

all hell breaks loose
and I can take

my weight off this

flimsy door
holding back that

last word—lingering

in a lost ward
the warden

is the prisoner of.

-Christopher Phelps (via)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


What was the last word you learned? And I don't mean those flash-in-the-pan Internet portmanteaux that fizzle as soon as they're sparked. Mine is petard.

A list of foods named after people. 

As we speak, Cabrini Green is getting torn down.  Project Cabrini Green is an art installation that illuminates the empty building with staccato flashes of light, haunting the apartments and reminding passers-by of the lives lived between those concrete walls:

I've been holding out on you: April is National Poetry Month. Here's where I get my daily fix.

Pick one, but choose wisely: 10 Short 'How To' Guides for the Modern Internet Persona.

Lil Wayne is, apparently, only one stretch of skin away from achieving his dream of a full-body tattoo wetsuit. Guess which stretch.

Smokey Robinson, on Being Sampled: "Sample all of mine. (Laughter) Please. I beg of you, sample all of mine, man, because – really, because first of all, what better form of flattery is that, for a young artist who wasn’t even born when that song was written to hear that song and say, “Hey, man, I love this song so much I’m going to include it in one of my songs,” you know what I mean?" More.