Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art! And a Book!!!

Yesterday a friend sent me the first (and only) installment in her groundbreaking 'Art and a Book' program, (c) 2010.

You guys. How absolutely wonderful is that? Not only did I get something to smarten my morning commute, the art doubles as custom bookmark and one-of-a-kind print for my kitchen. Neat! Everyone loves finding parcels in the post, but I do believe mine was the best package delivered by our mailwoman that day.

So then I thought! Pass it on! Here's my offer to you, friends: leave me a comment or shoot me an email (but really, leave me a comment - I love those things) and you'll become eligible to win Round 2 of 'Art and a Book'. In exactly one week's time, I'll choose an entry at random, find a book I think that person will adore from my favorite used bookstore and craft some 2D lovin' to fill their every decor need.

Probably it will be a drawing of a girl on a bicycle. I love drawing those! But maybe it will be something different? Who knows!

Anyway, enter early and often (just kidding - only enter once) and check back next Thursday to see if it's you! I hope it is!


Ben Saller said...

I want Art! And a Book!!! Please!

Tianasaurus. said...

Congratulations Ben! You're the winner! Expect your prize in about, oh, one week. Hand-delivered.

boobs said...

is it too late for one to rig this contest?