Thursday, April 23, 2015

days late, dollars short

That moment when. Ben Franklin: getting shit done. Would a joke about the California penal system be inappropriate here? The wives and widows of ISIS. Why people love to hate Duke. Stuck playing Google Feud. Germanwings, Richard III and acts of God. Seven signs you might be clueless about income inequality .Haruki Murakami gives advice. Inside Adjuncting.  I followed my stolen phone to China: a story of globalism, friendship and Internet celebrity. Hire like Google. How a millionaire escort does money. (Incidentally, her TinyLetter is pretty damn decent, too). Tatiana Maslany is my shit. So is Toni MorrisonAn ad praising you for your refusal to be swayed by other, lesser ads. The tiniest skateboarders in KabulEmployment rights challenges to the on-demand economy. Chola fashion and folk feminism. Where are 1.5 million black men missing? From Ferguson, for one. Ladies in smart tweed suits. Gentlemen in smart tweed suits. Aviatrixes, and other unsuitable financial role models. Resume virtues vs. eulogy virtues. On being good and being great.


Tove Jansson draws a Moomin!