Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh shit

Today I found a roundup-lette I collected a few months ago. Why did I save these golden nuggets? Why weren't they posted? Honestly, sometimes my brain is a strange and alien place.

The streets of San Francisco, flat.

This happened to me on Monday [ed. - which Monday? where? I can remember getting worked up about this and ranting at various dinner parties for a while afterward but the initial event has totally slipped my mind]. It always shakes me when someone, invariably a skeezy older man, often homeless, insists that I smile because it'll make me 'so much prettier'. Each time I feel like an asshole for hating those dudes. This article makes it pretty clear that I'm not alone, and that my instinctive revulsion at them has some pretty solid legs.

A friend of mine recently got some of those e-cigarettes. It's only a matter of time until his lungs turn into cyborgs.

Speaking of cyborgs, this one's for you, Lindsey: Battlestar Gal-egg-stica [ed.- that dedication still holds, by the way].

This guy hates a lot of things, and he hates them hilariously.

If all I said about this clip was that it's a woman playing 'Turkey in the Straw' on mountain dulcimer, you probably wouldn't watch it. That, however, would be your first mistake. I don't know what your second mistake would be. That one's up to you.

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