Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Auspicious Beginnings

Everything was going so well until the very end. I decided I'd earned myself a tea break and went to get hot water from the break room. I filled my cup, turned off the spigot, and kept the mug there a few seconds longer to catch the drips. As you do.

Only the spigot wasn't turned off. And those last few drips? Turned into a flood.

Now I'm standing there paralyzed, almost-boiling water running out over my hands onto the floor. I don't want to call attention to myself. All I can think to do is search around for other mugs or buckets to fill while half-whispering, "Um...guys?" Then I get the brilliant idea to unplug the damn water cooler that started this whole mess, but the plug I end up yanking is the one for the mini-fridge (sorry, new coworkers, if your tuna salad tastes like stank today. I didn't mean it). Meanwhile my hot tea is soaking the carpet and the waterfall just.won't.stop.

Eventually I got the whole thing figured out, but only after three different people had come to the door to gawk at the new girl and the disaster she was making.

Good thing this gig is only once a week, huh?


Ashlee said...

It's beautiful to know some things don't change.

Miss ya, hon! ;)

Tianasaurus. said...

Miss you too! I've dedicated my most recent post to you. As I was watching these videos all I could think was how much we would've cracked up at them together.