Monday, March 8, 2010

Locks of Love

Stay long enough in one of the neighborhood bars and you're sure to meet the Tamale Man. Dressed only in a red hoodie despite near-blizzard conditions, the Tamale Man makes his rounds every night plying hot, fresh tamales and salsa verde out of red lunch coolers. The transaction is simple - $5 buys six, your choice chicken or pork. Six is a brilliant quantity of tamale, too many for one person to eat alone but absolutely perfect for two. At the right time of night, even a Ziploc bag full of tamales can be an aphrodisiac as couples lean drunkenly, giddily, over their new-found treasure troves.

If you hate robot unicorns, Lisa Frank, dolphins or flash games, do not click this link.

I for one welcome our microbial overlords. singing Phoenix...too...cute....

Soothing Japanese website will teach ironing skill, drip coffee skill, party magic skill & more.

Image:  Lovers' locks chained to a bridge in China.

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