Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear friends, what am I thinking? I let someone convince me to go to a Bikram yoga class tonight. You know, that school of yogic discipline where they shove you into a steam-filled box for 90 minutes and wait to see if you survive? As if that's supposed to be good for you? And not pants-pissingly terrifying? Yeah, that Bikram yoga. If I don't survive to post again tomorrow, know that I love you and that you can find my jellified remains in a puddle on the floor of this studio.

However, if I do make it through, their website promises many health benefits will be mine, including 'sleep more soundly' and 'set your skin aglow'. I hope they mean 'aglow-in-the-dark'. I've always wanted that benefit.

Image: A real Bikram pose.

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