Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finding Vivian Maier

The thing that strikes me most about this trailer is how insistent these people are at revealing the 'true' Vivian. When they talk, it's clear that her secrecy - about her work, her obsessions, her private life - bothers them. It itches. For many people, preference for anonymity is difficult to grasp. There is this idea that everyone, especially artists, especially talented ones, should strive for renown. That a genius might prefer to live in obscurity seems to work in direct opposition to the concept of 'genius'. Maier presents a challenge to that, and so the project of this movie - discovering her - takes on an aggressive, almost peeved tone. She owes us, the trailer seems to say. She owes us the truth about her. Which bothers me, because of course she doesn't.

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