Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lists of Note

Big ups to the NYTimes Sunday Magazine for pointing out the Lists of Note blog. Among their offerings so far:

Eye Flirtation

Winking the right eye—I love you.
Winking the left eye—I hate you.
Winking both eyes—Yes.
Winking both eyes at once [ed. – also known as blinking?]—We are watched.

Rescue Etiquette, by Mark Twain

Partiality, in the matter of rescue, to be shown to:

1. Fiancées.
2. Persons toward whom the operator feels a tender sentiment, but has not yet declared himself.
3. Sisters.
4. Stepsisters.

Who Killed JFK? by his secretary

Lyndon –
Dixiecrats –
Hoffa –
Harry Houdini’s Rider

Require a small trap in center of stage, not less than 8 inches square (8x8 inches) two feet in rear of front cloth…
100 gallons of Boiling water (must be boiling)…
A small, clean looking (mahogany colored if possible) step ladder about 3 feet 6 inches high.

What a delight to find a Sunday magazine this late in the week. It makes you wonder about their life cycles. Where do they go so quickly? They can’t all be dumpster bound. Somewhere there’s a table made entirely of back issues, or perhaps a bed. And of course all the bathroom magazine racks absolutely stuffed with these things, wrinkling in the cold humidity behind the tank…

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