Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stankoff 2011

I wasted about 20 minutes today reading this Outkast Tournament Bracket, trying to discover which Outkast song would ultimately reign as The Best Song of All Time Ever. No spoilers on the outcome, but here are some choice judgments:
  • How dare a song challenge Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
  • Storytellin, pt. 1 is my song when I need to get a wake-up call on life
  • Nothing from Idlewild stands a chance
  • Hey Ya! is...just Andre, doing his spaced-out, Capt. Crunch, weird schtick
  • The trumpet in SpottieOttie is better than any track on the Love Below. Just the trumpet.
Truer words. Not only is this article a reminder of how fun it is to make brackets for arbitrary things, it also makes you want to listen to wall-to-wall Outkast for the next three months. As if you needed more incentive.

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cbrazeak@gmail.com said...

Idlewild, though not great, is good! "Morris Brown" would be on a ten track introduction to Outkast burned CD that a younger version of me would dream of giving to some sexy foreign exchange student from Bulgaria.