Monday, January 30, 2012

Dog soup, Adam & Eve on a Raft, Clean Up The Kitchen

From the Wikipedia page on diner lingo:

  • Adam & Eve on a raft & wreck 'em: two scrambled eggs on toast 
  • Adam's ale: water 
  • Bullets/Whistleberries/Saturday night: baked beans (so called because of the supposed flatulence they cause) 
  • Burn the British: toasted English muffin 
  • Cats heads and easy diggins: biscuits and gravy 
  • Clean up the kitchen: hash 
  • Cops & Robbers Donuts and Coffee 
  • Dog soup: water 
  • Draw one in the dark/flowing Mississippi: a black coffee 
  • Frog sticks: french fries 
  • Honeymoon salad: lettuce alone 
  • Sea dust: salt 
  • Shingle with a shimmy and a shake: buttered toast with jam or jelly

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