Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just when we'd built up some steam here at Smoking Z, I had to go and break schedule. I'm not angry at myself so much as disappointed. And posting's only going to get more erratic for the foreseeable future. I got a job with the Census (yesssssss) and have learned that, besides confidentiality and data stewardship, one of their main tenants of belief is apparently limited Internet access. My office employs more than 30 people but I only counted 9 computers when I came for training last Friday. Don't worry. I have a plan. I'll keep compulsively saving links and articles for your perusing pleasure and will try to disgorge them at least once a week. Smoking Zora: now available in concentrate!

On Monday the health care reform bill had me super jazzed. The anti-choice executive order attached to it? Not so much.

Also impressed by Google finally taking a stand against government censorship in China.

Didn't know anything about Margaret Moth, the CNN camerawoman who died recently, but she sure does sound like a bad-ass lady.

What I wouldn't give to be a lector for a living. Typesetter could be cool too: a list of now-obsolete jobs.

"What one rarely sees is a reconfiguration of liberal premises to put women’s rights, interests, needs, and priorities at the center. Indeed, the rise of conservative Christianity has caused far too many liberals to dream that benign neglect of women’s rights (reproductive rights especially), gay rights, and church/state separation would make possible some grand economic-progressive alliance for a new New Deal." How liberalism has failed women.

Here's a neat trick: tell this guy the last five books you read and he'll suggest your next.

Thirteen ways of looking at Liz Lemon.

This guy reviewing The Carter claims he used to hang out with Lil Wayne and, like all of us, is saddened by what he sees in Wayne's future.

Image: Part of a collection celebrating World Water Day, March 22.