Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miss Thinkinboutit: The Wild One

Johnny: It begins here for me on this road. How the whole mess happened I don't know, but I know it couldn't happen again in a million years. Maybe I could of stopped it early, but once the trouble was on its way, I was just goin' with it. Mostly I remember the girl. I can't explain it - a sad chick like that, but somethin' changed in me. She got to me, but that's later anyway. This is where it begins for me right on this road.

Charlie Thomas: I've seen hoodlums like this before. If you don't get tough with them the minute they get out of line you're sunk. You're the cop, aren't you? If you can't boot these jerks out there's plenty of us can, even if we have to bust a few heads.
Mildred: What are you rebelling against, Johnny? 
Johnny: What've ya got? 

Johnny: Nobody tells me what to do. You keep needlin' me, if I want to, I'm gonna take this joint apart and you're not gonna know what hit you.

Chino: I love you, Johnny. I've been looking in every ditch from Fresno to here hoping you was dead.

Kathie: It's crazy, isn't it? You're afraid of me. I don't know why, but I'm not afraid of you now. You're afraid of me.
Johnny: I'm afraid of you? Are you cracked? Come on, get on.
Sheriff: Don't you want to say anything to these people? What's the matter? You been hit over the head so often you don't know when you're getting a break? You could at least say 'thank you.'
Kathie: It's alright. He doesn't know how.

Brando at rest.


calivintage said...

it is salinger! so good. and your blog is so cool! love this post.

boobs said...

sculpted by the Hungarian master Laszlo Benedek, whose 105th b-day is to-day!

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