Monday, February 22, 2010

Wintry Mix

Walking the streets of Chicago today reminds me of riding a giant Slip-n-Slide the length of the entire city. Snow has melted to slush, then slicked with rain. I feel like I should be scooting around on my butt, not foolishly trying to keep my feet under me.

Since we don't have cable yet, I've seen exactly 0% of the winter Olympics. I hear we won the hockey game against Canada though, so....yay?

Even more yay: recycled Olympic medals.

Found a new cafe to park my laptop. They've been playing Magnetic Fields all afternoon but it's still nice.

Stories written from a child's point of view that aren't precocious, twee or thoroughly non-credible: glorious.

Looking for a way to avoid your real work? This adorable short film about procrastination should do quite nicely (cross-listed at the Apiary Corp.)

Image: A tree grows in Denmark

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