Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HIV Prevention Mobsters

This is clearly the best billboard in all creation. Fact. And no doubt this is a necessary PSA. You just can't argue with free HIV testing or condoms.

But seriously, St. John's? Seriously? 'Da Gonorrhea Breaker'? 'Da Chlamydia Crusher'? These epithets  will stick with these kids for LIFE. People will be snickering under their breath about that stuff well past their retirement parties.

Also, by assigning such specific labels to each one it sort of insinuates that those are the STDs each one currently suffers from. I can't help but wonder if the ringleader of this gang, Don Condom Father or whatever, made this billboard with MS Paint in the middle of the night, then put it up without anyone's permission.

Actually, you know what? That's probably exactly what he did.

(Click picture to embiggen)

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