Monday, February 15, 2010

Grand Theft

I'm starting to post weekly on The Apiary Corp.'s blog (check out my blogroll for a link - don't know why it doesn't auto-update like the others). Our posts focus on upcoming writing events in Philadelphia as well as questions of inspiration and creativity. Soon I'll start posting events from Chicago too. I just have to find them first!

Today's post features a quotation from Jim Jarmusch about source material. Each of us in our creative lives have borrowed or even outright stolen ideas, quips or plot devices from other artists. How do you justify these creative pilferings?

Personally, I decided a long time ago that sampling from others was inevitable. Judicious use of others' work actually makes my writing stronger. It lends my ideas focus and creates links between my projects and the larger artistic community. Apiary's blog (and accompanying literally magazine) is trying to do just that: forge an ecstatic, humming hive mind of creative thinkers and doers. Personally, I'd love to see Apiary contributors borrowing from each other frequently, riffing on ideas and taking them to surprising, illuminating places.

What do you think about authenticity and originality? What do you think about community and art? How have past experiences influenced the way you fit yourself into creative communities? Who are the thinkers, poets, dreamers, filmmakers that resonate with you, and whose worldviews weasel their way into your own work? I'd love to hear your comments below, but I'd also love to see some of these thoughts start popping up on the Apiary blog. Help our fledgling literary magazine find its wings!

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