Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Things that have happened to me so far today:

  • Woke up to noises that sounded like someone doing incredibly inept construction work in our apartment
  • Discovered those noises were being made by a robbery in progress, and that the robber had a knife
  • Was threatened with said knife
  • Had my phone stolen, along with Ben's phone, laptop and money from his wallet
  • Filed a police report
  • Played host to evidence technicians and landlords traipsing through the house
  • Fielded a series of increasingly concerned emails from my parents
  • Found out I got into grad school with a partial scholarship
Obviously, it's been a strange day. Both Ben and I are okay, and I think we interrupted the guy before he could take too much. Clearly he wasn't expecting anyone to be around at 11:20 - one of the benefits (??) of unemployment is that we were both here to stop him.

So far I've blocked most of my emotions from happening, sublimating them, focusing instead on the excitement and curiosity about police proceedings. I've read too much Sherlock Holmes not to get worked up about fingerprinting and footprinting, describing the suspect's features, retracing his path through our house, putting myself in his shoes.

But beneath the surface, everything's in flux. I'll see something he didn't take and feel immense relief to still have it. Standing in our bedroom door, overcome by a tidal wave of panic remembering him standing in the same place. In our bedroom. With a knife. Anger, annoyance, frustration, this kind of grim humor, all flicker past. Most embarrassingly, the urge to post updates to facebook and blog, even while our landlord is fitting our windows for burglary bars.

Maybe tomorrow I'll allow myself to celebrate grad school. Today it's just a little too much.

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