Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movies For the Post-Christmas Lull

I always think Pixar movies are going to be a little too twee.  Then I watch them and they break down all that hard-edged cynicism into tiny, adorable pieces.  For anyone looking to spend a heart-warming 90 minutes over the next few days, try Up.

This guy knows what I'm talking about:

Pogo takes small noises and sound bytes from your favorite childhood movies and crafts them into intricate ambient songs worth listening to for their own sake. Like this one, for instance.  

P.S. Anyone in Philly up for a Secret Garden screening in the next few weeks?


T said...

Yes! Never saw the movie, though I was fascinated by the prospect of healing people just by being a bitch-turned-sweetheart as a kid. Sort of the Heidi complex, but twisted.

Tianasaurus. said...

Indeed. Also: Professor McGonagall. Can I claim your apartment for the screening? It would be ever so cozy...