Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Letters

Dear GREs,
Studying for you is killing my sense of self-worth and making me hate the next seven days of my life.  Stop it.  Stop it now.

Dear Hawaii,
I miss you.

Dear impending holiday parties,
What could be better than a sparkly sweater? Why, heavily-spiked eggnog, of course!

Dear old college friend,
Dinner is going to be delicious and our conversation even tastier.

Dear Ben,
Good luck with your root canal.  I hope you don't have to scream at that stupid dental technician like last time.

Dear freshly-baked carrot pineapple muffins,
You're sitting on my cooling rack as we speak, taunting me with what must be the toastiest, most comforting freshly-baked muffin smell there ever was.  You are not long for this world, sweet muffins.

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