Monday, December 7, 2009

Kawaii Kaua'i

I finally got some pictures posted of my trip to Kaua'i over Thanksgiving break.  Man, titling those things was a real drag.  I'm not even sure I did it right!

Anyway, here they are, in all their blurred, camera phone glory:


Ashlee said...

I'm still amazed at what an iphone can do. Great pictures.

1) Your mom looks a-dor-rable!
2) Who is that guy? I'll leave it to your smarts to know who I'm referring to.

Tianasaurus. said...

1) Thank you. I'm sure she'll be very pleased to hear you say that.

2) Who are you ta....OH! I get it.

That's Ryan, a friend of my brother's from high school. It was great reconnecting with him and noticing the ways college took his already-fantastic personality and sense of humor and polished them. I feel like an old lady saying this, but he really has become a wonderful young man.