Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interview with Ahmir Thompson

This old Believer interview with Questlove of The Roots made my morning. Only check it out if you're interested in hearing conspiracy theories about how Republicans make for the best hip hop, though. Or if you need a list of Questlove's personal Yodas. Or if you'd like an outline of his daily hair care routine. Or to discover a fascinating, saddening description of the rise and fall of D'Angelo. If these things don't sound interesting to you, don't read this interview. In fact, don't read anything. Just shut your computer down and go outside to play. It's a wonderful day, or so I'm told.


Ashlee said...

Sis T, that was a truly compelling, funny, insightful chock full of wonderfully and accurately crafted metaphors of an interview that I've read in a really, really, really long time.

I was interested in everything you mentioned and then some.

Can't say I'm too surprised by D'Angelo's downward spiral. It was Brown Sugar for me and my crew. I feel like our generation was the last, as a whole, and I mean a whole, to really appreciate the music these folks were making because my Brown Sugar CD didn't almost get jacked if I didn't cut my eye one second more 3 times over because dude was naked on the cover. It was about the way the music made us feel and the awe inspiring technique of mastering your craft.

Ahmir sticks to his guns without swaying, he's evolved without losing his core or falling into the trap of pretentiousness. And he's funny as hell.

Thanks for sharing!

Tianasaurus. said...

Thanks for reading! After finding this article, I dithered a few seconds, then decided to send Questo an appreciation tweet. It was only 25% embarrassing.