Friday, November 6, 2009

DJ Hero

DJ Hero is the best new party game I've played in a while. If you've got an XBox, a few dollars to burn and space for yet another fake plastic instrument in your living room, buy this game tonight. I've been playing near-constantly since my roommate brought it home yesterday and I fall more in love with every mix.

For starters, the game play is fantastic, intuitive for those who've tackled the other ___ Hero games but by no means easily mastered. DJ Hero is one of few games in which the tutorials provided by the game's designers actually enhance my understanding of what's going on as opposed to wasting my time with superfluous information.

In terms of game progression, players test themselves against progressively harder setlists, earning stars which then allow them to unlock new characters, songs, and venues. Even without these bonus gifts, however, I'd find myself coming back again and again. Getting a chance to play Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up' mixed with Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' is worth the cost of admission alone.

Everyone from DJ Shadow to DJs Yoda and AM put their spin (heh) on the game by contributing one of their dream setlists. In some instances you can play an entire concert from their point of view. Daft Punk's set is deceptively hard. Even as you break your wrist trying to keep up with them, however, you find yourself nodding your head and dancing in your seat.

The cleverest part of this game has nothing to do with game play. The makers of DJ Hero invented a new feature known as 'Party Play'. At any point during the game you can choose to go hands-free. The music keeps playing as usual. The only difference? Your hands are freed to hold a drink or pump your fists. My guess is that this feature alone will make DJ Hero an indispensible part of hundreds of gamers' social lives.

Now if only I could figure out this crossfader ish...


Ashlee said...

When I saw the commercial for the game I wanted to go to there. My only access to an XBox is my apathetic brother's console that might as well be glued to his thigh.

But he always has pity on me during the holidays and "let's me play."

Instead of getting my ass kick in Wii tennis this year, I'm giving myself a DJ name and hittin' the one and two.

Tianasaurus. said...

Hell yeah girl. Best thing about these music-type video games is that you don't have to be an expert button masher to be good at them. All you need's a little rhythm...

Olivia Pecker said...

OK.. May i just ask you one thing.. I got the game last night.. my eyes are burning i am so obsessed with it. But I have a hard time getting it off "party Play" I hit the stupid Euphoria button but it wont do anything.. If you can help me out.. please email me at I will be in debt forever!!